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Pencil Cozy 

Makej Projects 

Pencil Cozy 

Written By: Jessica Wilson 



Embroidery needle (1) 



• White thread M) 


Embroidery floss (1) 

Scissors m 

Pencil M) 

Sewinq machine (1) 


Tape measure (1) 


Just the other day whilst tip-typing away on the laptop, I noticed that the light sneaking in 
through the slats felt suspiciously like fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. It makes me think 
of hats and scarves, apple pie and school supplies. Fall makes me want to cozy up and read 
on the sofa drinking something warm and toasty. Fall is all about cozy, and since fall is in 
the air and I am seeing school supplies everywhere, I thought I'd create a happy bit of 
whimsy - a pencil cozy! I used felt, but you can use up any scrappy scraps for this project. 
Have fun! 

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• Since we're going the traditional 
route, we'll be using felt in yellow, 
gray (shhh, I didn't have any gray 
felt so I used corduroy), pink, and 
tan. To begin, mark out and cut 
your pieces as follows: 

• Yellow: 2 1/2" x 8" 

• Tan: 2 1/2" x 2" 

• Gray: 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" 

• Pink: 2 1/2" x 1" 

Step 2 — Pin and sew 

• Place your tan rectangle atop one 
end of your yellow rectangle so that 
they line up and pin into place. 
Using a small running stitch with a 
1/8-inch allowance, stitch the two 
pieces together. 

• Don't forget to back stitch and trim 
the threads. 

• Use a warm iron to press open the 

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• Gather up your pink and gray 
rectangles and stitch them together 
along the sides that measure 2 

• Trim the threads and press open 
the seam here as well. 

• Once pressed open, place the pink 
and gray pair onto the other end of 
your yellow piece, right side down 
with the gray edge lined up to the 

• Pin, stitch, trim, and press. 

Step 4 

• Lay out your flat rectangle that 
somewhat resembles a pencil and 
fold it in half lengthwise, right sides 
facing in. Pin. 

• On the tan end of your soon-to-be 
pencil, lightly sketch in a triangle 
using the yellow felt as the base. 
This will become the tip of your 
pencil. Stitch along your drawn 

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Pencil Cozy 

Step 5 

^^^"^^ 4 ■ * T ~jy 


• Stitch along the length of your folded soon-to-be pencil, keeping a 1/8-inch allowance, 
ending at the pink end. Backstitch and trim. 

• Make sure to leave your pink end open for turning out and plopping a pencil inside. Trim to 
a point along the stitches at the tan end as well. 

• Using a real-life pencil (or chopstick) to assist, carefully turn your soon-to-be pencil right- 
side out. 

Step 6 — Finishing touches 

• Chances are, this cozy will be a 
few inches longer than your real- 
life pencil. To keep your pencil 
from getting lost inside, use a large 
running stitch across the width of 
your cozy, about 3-4" up from the 

• If you want to make the stitches 
less visible, you can achieve this 
by hand, using yellow thread and 
just a couple of stitches. 

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Pencil Cozy 

Step 7 — Make strap 

• Gather up 3 lengths of yarn about 1 
1/2 yards each and braid them 
together to create a handy strap. 

• Carefully stitch each end to the 
inside of your pencil cozy at the 
open end using the smallest stitch 
available on your machine (I used 
2). Trim the threads. 

• To create your lead, thread a large-eyed needle with a length of embroidery thread and 
insert it into your cozy's tip. Wrap the thread around the tip, alternately anchoring with a 
jab of the needle until you are satisfied with the look of your lead. 

• Trim the tail end of the thread and add a dab of white glue to keep it from fraying. Set aside 
to dry. 

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• Insert a bright, shiny, and freshly 
sharpened pencil into your cozy 
and get ready to roll! 

• Depending on the length of your 
braided yarn strap, you can wear 
your cozy crossed over your body 
or around your neck. 

• To make your cozy with good old- 
fashioned cotton fabrics, switch out 
the width from 2 1/2" to 2" but allow 
for the same measurements for the 
rest of the pieces. Make sure to 
add a tiny hem along the open end 
of your pink rectangle to give it a 
cleaner line. Tiny prints look 
fantastic as pencils, and make 
great gifts for your friends! 

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